Radiometric dating of rocks absolute age

Members of this group have rows of small combs composed of cilia that are used for locomotion.

The system of protein filaments in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells that gives the cell its shape and its capacity for directed movement and that participates in the directed transport of molecules within a cell.

All chordates contain a solid rod, called a notochord, along the length of the body during embryogenesis and a dorsal nerve cord and pharyngeal pouches.

A smooth change from place to place across a spatially continuous habitat.

Through a variety of mechanisms, antisense oligonucleotides can be used to inactivate gene function by interfering with the ability of an m RNA to produce its corresponding protein product. These are species that do not have nuclei and thus were originally grouped with bacteria into the “prokaryotes.” They were identified as a separate domain by analysis of r RNA sequences.

The difference between the average trait value of individuals who carry a particular allele and the average of the population.

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Alleles that differ slightly from the resident alleles are introduced into a population, and may invade it; if they do, they will either displace the allele, or may coexist with it, in a balanced polymorphism.

These are common in the genomes of some bacterial pathogens.

Member of a major animal phylum of solitary gelatinous marine animals commonly called comb jellies or sea gooseberries (phylum Ctenophora).

Member of a major subdivision within the protostomes that includes the arthropods, nematodes, and several smaller phyla.

Members of this group possess an external covering called a cuticle that molts as the animal grows.


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