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It’s called Run and Pee, a comprehensive list of convenient times to visit the bathroom while watching a movie at the theatre.

Today’s post is about the gadget that has wormed its way into the life of over 80% of American’s lives, and explores what it’s like to live in a world where quiet, un-connected moments are few and far between, increasingly replaced by the twitter of texts and cell phone chatter.Try your Free Trial and talk to hot, local women — NO paid operators! Connect instantly with hot women for real-time fun — uncensored erotic play. A time before digital contact lists, when you memorized your friend’s phone numbers?I do not personally own an i Phone or Blackberry, but that does not keep me from participating in useless phone conversations in order to kill time.With or without high-tech cell phones, kids, parents, businessmen, the people who steam your lattes and yes, the rest of the world, are changing the way we think about free time.So should we continue to embrace these technologies with eager fingers?


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