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The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access Zone) Bill 2015 formally passed the Victorian Legislative Council without amendment.The party contested six of 150 House of Representatives seats and all states and territories (except Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory) in the Senate at the 2010 federal election.President of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Meredith Doig, contested for the party at the 2015 Polwarth by-election, receiving over six percent of the vote in the absence of a Labor candidate.For the 2016 federal election the Australian Sex Party fielded Senate candidates in every state and territory as well as two candidates in New South Wales and four in Victoria for seats in the House of Representatives.In August 2017, the Australian Sex Party announced it would be deregistering and become the Australian Reason Party.It is opposed to mandatory internet censorship, and supports the introduction of a national media classification scheme, including a rating for non-violent sexual content.At the time, the R18 classification rating could be given to film, but a video game with content deemed fitting for the R18 rating would be 'Refused Classification' due to an appropriate classification not being available for the medium.In July and August 2011, all Australian state Attorneys-General agreed to instate an R18 rating for video games, which would be available by the end of 2011.

The Australian Sex Party ACT contested the 2016 Australian Capital Territory general election, with lead candidate Steven Bailey receiving 7.9% of the primary vote in the Brindabella electorate.

Due to the licensing of the International Age Rating Coalition software for developers to rate their own game, several hundred games have been banned from various app stores and due to said games being relatively minor they will not be listed here.

The list below includes games where the worldwide edition has been banned for sale in Australia because either: the game has been refused classification, a classification has been revoked, or the game has received a local edit that causes it to differ from the worldwide edition ("censored").

The Sex Party supports vaccination to protect public health and reduce the spread of preventable diseases.

Originally, video games in Australia could only be rated up to MA15 .


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