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I found the 12 academic experts from evolutionary biologists to primatologists.

We are really able to work with so many of these experts across fields and disciplines. From a real estate perspective, my apartment during graduate school was four blocks from the museum. I ended up coming to the museum as a visitor and realizing this is anthropology brought to life. The museum had just opened and I dropped off my resume.

Serum POP concentrations are highly predictive of inner blubber POP concentrations at two extremes of body condition in female and male northern elephant seals.

Effects of age, adipose percent and reproduction on PCB concentrations and profiles in an extreme fasting north Pacific marine mammal.

She is leading a portion of the study focused on quantifying survival and movements of mallard and gadwall ducklings, using VHF radio-telemetry.

She is also examining the movement of duck nest predators (raccoons and skunks) around duck nests using GPS technology.

And so what I do with all of the exhibitions is I find the specific experts for the topic we are covering.

Over the last decade, people coming to the museum have had a different knowledge base about sex.

She is broadly interested in the ecology and movement of upper trophic level predators, with a focus on birds and mammals.

Additionally, she is interested in the interplay between foraging ecology and both contaminant bioaccumulation and toxicological risk.

Is the location a coincidence or is it a nod to the area’s history? The neighborhood has evolved around us and we have been able to benefit from that changing energy and demographic.

We get to be part of that 5th Avenue address, which we think of as still part of the museum mile.


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