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--Or, in which Izzy comes back from a trip seeing his family in Indiana and is dope sick, sad and lonely, and Axl's soft side shows a lot.

" "I-I love you." Izzy buried his face in Axl's shoulder.

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He tried to antagonise the band and intimidate them, before Izzy sharply pointed out 'Dude your plane just took off without you.' Axl was sad, and is the subject of the song 'Somebody Cockin' referring to Axl 'cocking up'.

However, he found that killing hillbillies was as stupid as listening to Axl and Slash "negotiate" in the bedroom, so he moved on to killing Jedi and Medji soldiers, because nobody cares about them anymore. Rolling Stone magazine rated his most recent effort 'Concrete' 1 star out of 5, going on to say 'He's at least better than Vanilla Ice'.

Izzy gained a strong fanbase over this period, some dating back to his GNR days. He killed him in his home in Oklahoma, and continues to kill unsuspecting hillbillies today, as a cure for his boredom of having no life.

Will this be for the better, or for the worst, only the time could tell.

Today, Axl Rose, the king of wailing, bandanna-wearing hard rock, turns 50 years old.


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