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She stared at me from the register and our eyes locked, creating a vortex of panic and embarrassment.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there frozen, unable to move, feeling the words piling up in my mouth.

The Third Age is an all-inclusive site for seniors. The last type of online community you can join is a blog community.

You can join a senior citizen online community; learn about health, news, relationships, money, beauty, fun, senior activities, and more. Everything is geared towards seniors and it's a great site to explore. Senior blogs can be great way to connect with others.

To find a community that best suits you, try out a variety of sites. isn't live yet but soon will be and is one to watch.

This online community looks like its goal is to bring the best of online communities to the Web for families and friends.

It is not about value ­– whether meeting someone on a dating app is inherently good or bad. Surely I would chat with someone who I spoke to briefly at a party three years ago, so why wouldn’t I feel comfortable chatting with someone I talked to three hours ago?

She took the muffin out her mouth, averted her gaze, as I did, and ran out of the coffee shop. I had just come back into town after some time away, and reinstalled the app after being off it for a while.

I sat back in my chair, confused about our reaction to each other. To figure out what happened, I had to think back a bit. She did the same (she came back from a three-month trip to Africa). This is not to brag, but for me, until I started with the dating app world, making out with someone usually meant that there would be a second date (one-night stands excluded — they don’t usually start with the question “what does your dad do? For some reason, when I got back after each date, I found myself on the app trying to find my next date.

This advice is the same whether you're 20-years-old or 80-years-old.

No matter how much life experience you have, it's always best to put safety first.''' There are many online communities for people over age 55. Some online communities thrive on support; some on a specific topic or hobby like exercise, boating, golf, and other activities; and still others on humor.


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