Consolidating multiple email addresses gmail

Again, this is non-trivial to set up, but both Gmail and Mobile Me give decent instructions.Step 4: You should now be receiving all your e-mails at your new IMAP account, and you can even label them so that you know what the original e-mail address was.This solution will allow you to have a fully synchronized e-mail account, without any duplication, from any location in the World, and from any device.Step 1: set up an account with an e-mail service provider that allows for IMAP access.Step 6: If you need local access on your device (say your main computer), YOU CAN STILL MOVE THE E-MAIL FROM THE SERVER TO THE DEVICE!

There are a number of articles on the web on how to do this (and most are written with better detailed instructions than this one). Avoiding Junk Mail The best way to avoid junk mail is to NEVER, EVER publish your e-mail address on a website.

You either have to set up a new address or do some sophisticated junk mail filtering (the nice part about the solution above is that both Gmail and Mobile Me have excellent junk mail filtering).

If you are going to have an e-mail contact on your website or blog, IT MUST BE hidden behind a form, such as: the form itself must have spam prevention such as this form.

The e-mail address behind this form is totally hidden to any web crawlers, and cannot be harvested. A Note on E-mail Addresses in General One thing to ALWAYS avoid is using your ISP (internet service provider) as your e-mail address. Because if you switch internet service providers (which you will), you will likely lose your ISP e-mail address.

Addresses such as,,,, etc. And while you can send out a change of address notification, it is inevitable that you will have used your ISP address somewhere along the line for something important and you will forget to change the address.


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