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Quigley will serve seven years in prison for Mr Blake's manslaughter.

Fallon, aged 36 of Whitsbury Avenue Gorton, was handed a 21-month prison sentence and Edwards, aged 47, of Farley Way, Stockport, was given a 21-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

The judge said that it was clear that Daniels, accompanied by Wilson and Quigley, travelled to Westhoughton to enforce a debt, that was 'almost certainly relating to the supply of drugs'.

The court heard how Wilson and Quigley travelled with Daniels for 'safety in numbers' and in case 'it kicked off'.

Mr Justice Leggatt said that Wilson, aged 27, of Romney Way in Stockport, and Quigley, aged 31 of Cleworth Walk Hulme, did not know Daniels had the gun when they went with him to Westhoughton.

After dumping Mr Blake's body, Daniels contacted Fallon, a friend who owns garages in Greater Manchester, to get him to conceal the van and Edwards, who runs a forensic cleaning business, to try and remove evidence of what had happened.

The couple, who have been married eight years, already have a four-year-old daughter named Violet.

Nathan Daniels shot Mr Blake twice, once in the knee and once in the back of the head, on November 3 last year.

Fallon stored the van at two properties he owned, while Edwards attempted to remove evidence.

The vehicle was later disposed of and has never been recovered.

Nathan (God-given), the name of several Israelites mentioned in the Old Testament.

No indication is given as to his origin, and he appears in the narrative for the first time when David is contemplating the erection of a house to the Lord ( 2 Samuel 7 ).


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