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OKCupid: The best thing about OKC is the questionnaire. ” is a more pointed way of getting an accurate picture.Users are able to answer hundreds of optional questions about any topics, ranging from the very specific (“Do you own a valid passport? ”) to the absurd (“Have you ever secretly sniffed an undergarment of someone you had a crush on but were not sexually involved with? You can also indicate how important particular answers are to you in a mate. You can even jump to “unacceptable answers” to see any responses they have that clash with your priorities, and vice-versa, which is a hugely helpful feature.It has tinkered with its app over and over to make it look more like OKC’s, to the point that I sometimes forget which I’m using. You generally get substantially less information about the other person unless you bother to ask a litany of questions up front. That understandable apprehension is probably why somewhere between 95% and 125% of the non-spam / non-prostitute (yes, they exist) women on Tinder have “Not here for a hook-up” somewhere in their profile. No, I mean that, on those rare occasions when I buy a lottery ticket, the fun is in the imagination—the idea of what it would be like to win.It also added a matching feature that functions a lot like Tinder, complete with swiping right and left. However, after wading through an armpit-high layer of BS from sites like e Harmony, the straightforward nature of Tinder can be pretty refreshing: Instead of crafting a message that has a surprisingly low chance of even being read, much less replied to, a quick glance at a few pictures and a short bio (if any), followed by a swipe left or right means you spend 10 seconds on each potential date instead of 10 minutes. Thus, if you’re willing to overlook the possibility of winding up in a shallow, unmarked grave near a rest stop, Tinder really isn’t all that bad! It combines the simplicity of Tinder with a great wrinkle. Until the inevitably fruitless drawing injects reality back into the situation, it’s entertaining to ponder the fantasy of winning.I think e Harmony probably works much better if you’re in a major metropolitan area.The issue is that e Harmony has such a high barrier to entry—a massive questionnaire and a big price tag—that it shrinks the dating pool quite a bit.I say every year around birthday time that I permit myself one post that actually relates to some aspect of my life. I think it’s incontrovertible fact that everyday people blogging about their lives is not only boring, but wildly narcissistic. I don’t have an unkind word to say about any of the women I’ve dated.While I’m plenty boring, I lack the requisite narcissism to drone on about my uneventful life on a regular basis. As such, my observations are general, not personal.

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Of course, that lack of relative success may have to do with my own lack of, uh, marketable attributes in the face of the more selective pool I mentioned a moment ago. Women use Hinge as the app of choice for cheating on their husbands (or divorced women use it and forget to change their old Facebook profile pic). Young couples use Hinge as the app of choice for finding a third for a menage a trois. Either they or I don’t understand Hinge’s purpose correctly—either I am wrong in thinking it’s primarily for romantic interest, or they are wrong in thinking it’s also a way to find friends. This philosophy became obvious after I chatted with what seemed like a very promising woman for many weeks (I was in the process of moving / commuting, so this wasn’t quite as egregious as it may sound), only to be stood up when I finally nailed down a time for us to get together.Another protip—avoid any woman who just The online dating pool spectrum ranges from the overly-“selective” ghost town of e Harmony to the anything-goes, bursting-at-the-seams chaos of Plenty of Fish or Tinder.Match’s strength is that it hits a nice sweet spot between those extremes.It’s probably the most mainstream and “socially acceptable” option. In Richmond, the timeline for going on a date was roughly—if we match on day one, we chat on day two, and we make a plan on day three or four. I don’t know if it’s because women here just have so many more options that they don’t have any sense of urgency, or if it’s because many of them just want pen pals / glorified emotional-support animals.Although it has the best pool, top-to-bottom, Match is still too expensive. The date would then occur sometime within the next week. Whatever the case, some of these women would want to chat for I will say that I got over that pretty quickly after completing the move up to Washington.Match’s idea of “premium” features are things like, you know, being able to . As long as you don’t have sketchy Facebook friends, it’s extremely likely that all of the people you’ll potentially see on Hinge will be perfectly decent folks who try to steal your credit card information. I anticipated that the number of available, desirable women in D. would be much, much higher than in Richmond—for several reasons: The overall population is much higher; Many more eligible, educated women come to D. to pursue careers; Unlike Richmond, most women in Washington aren’t married by the time they’re 27. In worse news for me, the vast majority of the young and young-ish women here do not share my political views. I’ve never needed a potential girlfriend—or even just a potential friend—to agree with my views. To a lesser extent, there’s a similar revulsion at the fact that I don’t drink.


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