Sedating dogs for airplane travel who is chelsea handler dating september 2016

Before Your Flight The Day Of The Flight Community Q&A Dogs can travel on planes, however there are additional regulations and restrictions to consider before a flight is booked.Researching the process is important so your dog can stay healthy and happy while traveling.Airline personnel make every effort to handle these animals with the care they deserve.This pamphlet is designed to assist you in safely transporting your pet. Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets and enforces regulations for the transportation of live animals.Although most dogs travel by air without problems, some need sedation, which increases the risk of complications.When your dog rides in a plane’s cargo hold, no one can monitor the effects of sedatives.“This makes animals more susceptible to stress and cold, both of which are in abundance in the air cargo holds.I ask the [owners] consider carefully if their pet needs a tranquilizer or if they are conditioned to being in their crate and are comfortable there.”Preconditioned animals usually have no need for drugs, Lukasik says.

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If your pet is fussing, offer them a pet calmer by unzipping the carrier an inch or two and extending the treat to your pet. The drone of the engines should encourage them to rest unless there is too much activity in the cabin.You should be able to extend a finger or two into the carrier for a head scratch so that your pet will know that you are still there. Pet travel on an airline can be challenging, but use a few tricks and a lot of love, and your pet will do just fine.Also, a finger tip that has been dunked in a glass of water is a good way to keep your pet occupied. Sedation affects a dog’s equilibrium, says Patricia Olson, DVM, director of veterinary affairs and studies for the Englewood, Colo.-based American Humane Association.This can impair its ability to steady itself against sudden movements, which can result in injury.The last thing you want to deal with is a howling cat or a wimpering dog for hours until you land.


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