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Regulars enjoy quoting lines from Tourette's Guy as well as poking fun at a particular version of a not-safe-for-work O RLY owl.In-jokes and traditions: It's well known that asking The RNG nicely (or not so much) for something in here can often get results; Any sort of chart or graph can be procured here, usually regarding hardcore run speed; This channel is also known for openly discussing spoilers; Also, it's frowned on to ask "stupid" questions, which are generally questions which don't require copious amounts of math to answer; Also, you must like math, long walks on the beach, and gazing at the stars. Random instantaneous zombification occurs courtesy of blackhatluck.About: Random food fights and huggles are given here.Fuzzah instead of Huzzah is the standard greeting in this channel.Newcomers are welcome, but cautioned not to come in and spam or act like jackasses.The channel almost always has a mod (or 3), but is largely self-moderating.The original message is now referred to as "the question."About: You can no longer be part of this channel without being in a clan.All players who joined this channel when not in a clan appeared to be in the same channel. You can, however, listen to /clan and are still able to speak there via normal listening means when you are not part of a clan.

In-jokes and traditions: Please don't break your stone, come into the channel and announce "Attack me! " Yes, the channel is quiet a lot of the time -- its inhabitants like it that way.In-jokes and traditions: A common in-joke about killing the Hermit is often used to confuse newbies.People may claim they've killed the hermit but they are either using it as a euphemism for another questionable activity or as a trick. The moderators will ask that conversations, arguments, market speculation, questions and any other chatter be taken to PM or to another channel. " Channel regulars agree that this channel seems to attract every beggar, spammer, flamer, and scammer in Ko L. Chatters in this channel are best at posing creative trivia questions, creating exciting games and awarding fabulous prizes. In-jokes and traditions: It's often joked that after rollover, the channel turns into /perv - evening hours do frequently enough head towards the land of the double-entendre, though mods still take offense to more blatantly not-worksafe discussion.Every single time I'll get an email saying 3 or 4 girls want to chat on the website Badoo, so I sign in and send a message to them and they don't reply every single time.I have just started using this site and don't really like it so far because it's full of fake Romanian/Eastern European accounts but is there a reason why girls click your profile say they want to chat and then not reply?About: For a chat channel that revolves around Player vs.


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