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The daughter grows tired of playing around when she falls in love with a handsome man played by Canela.The very strict mother forces the daughter to marry an older man to inherit his money as soon as he passes.The production was taken care of Argos in Mexico, who are very familiar with this genre and made a superb job.With the storyline spanning over half of the episodes of a normal telenovela, writers were able to create story arcs in much less episodes causing story lines to be more agile.

Hit the Plus One button → 1 month ago (October 26, 2017, 12pm) Rafael Amaya goes shirtless and shows off his sexy muscle body in El Senor De Los Cielos S05E89&90.

Most story lines follow the same pattern but they still manage to engage us if the chemistry is right between the main couple and if its written well.

The eternal fight between good and evil is a persistent theme in these melodramas that consume 5 hours a week of our busy lives, but we happily do so to escape reality if only for a moment.

They soon fall in love and get themselves into funny and ridiculous situations.

It's this last part that made it hard to watch as Televisa actors are involuntarily funny in serious scenes, and not funny when they are in funny scenes.


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