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Tiny Wall only takes up about 1MB on your hard drive, and is a very useful addition if you decide to stick with Windows' built-in security tool.Customizable filters to protect your most personal data at router level Open DNS isn't a downloadable free firewall; it's a change you can make to your router's settings so it connects to the internet via Open DNS's servers.If that isn't an issue for you, Zone Alarm Free Firewall is the best free firewall you can download.Effective but noisy, with easy sandboxing to stop malware in its tracks It’s worth taking your time when installing Comodo Free Firewall because it comes bundled with an extra browser, and if you click through too hastily you might find that it's installed itself without you realizing.Some antivirus providers bundle a firewall with their free antivirus software, while others only include one with their premium security suites.

These are the firewall apps we think you should consider using no matter which version of Windows you're running.

Comodo Free Firewall will also offer to set Yahoo as your homepage, but the checkbox is much easier to see and untick than Zone Alarm's.

It will also suggest making its own secure Comodo Dragon your default browser and importing your settings from Chrome.

When you're installing the software, read through each step carefully if you don't want to set Yahoo as your default homepage; the 'Customize installation' option is quite well hidden.

You'll also need to submit an email address to activate the firewall, though Zone Alarm promises not to share it with amy third parties.


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