Updating to eclipse 3 4

Productivity enhancements – Flex Builder 3 introduces refactoring support, new profilers for performance and memory tuning, and code generation tools for data access.Integration with Creative Suite 3 – New skinning templates for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Flash are available and Flex Builder 3 adds new wizards for importing assets from those CS3 applications as skins.You cannot use Flex Automated Testing with only the Flex 3 SDK.

Switch Workspace from the menu bar and enter a new folder name. When using Flex Builder 3 with a workspace from a Beta release, after installing the release version of Flex Builder 3, clean and reinitialize the workspace using the following platform-specific procedures (this operation does not remove or alter Eclipse projects residing the workspace in any way).New wizards for accessing data on remote servers – The wizards guide you in connecting to your database and provides the choice of generating server-side PHP, Java, Cold Fusion, or ASP. The wizard also generates all of the MXML and Action Script code necessary to power a basic Flex application that demonstrates standard CRUD operations against the data on your server using simple REST calls.You can then enhance the generated code to incorporate into your applications.Adobe AIR features include AIR project creation and Export Release Build in AIR format.Note: Flexbuilder 3.0.2 updates this support to AIR 1.5.For instructions on installing just Flex 3 SDK, see Flex 3 SDK Installation Instructions.


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