Dating china doll

Porcelain was invented in ancient China, made from a hard, white clay known for its fineness and strength.

This ceramic material proved so useful, particularly for dinnerware, it spread across the world, nicknamed...

Rare and elaborately decorated antique china dolls can have value on the collectors market. Harper's Bazaar referred to china dolls as "old fashioned" in 1873, though they continued being made well into the early 20th century.

Beginning in the mid-20th-century reproductions of china dolls of various quality were produced in Japan and the United States. The earliest known were made by Kestner, KPM, Meissen and Royal Copenhagen.

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The name comes from china being used to refer to the material porcelain.The earliest china dolls often depicted grown women.From approximately the 1850s on, child-like china dolls became popular.They range in size from more than 30" (76 cm) tall to 1 inch (2.5 cm).Antique china dolls were predominantly produced in Germany, approximately between 18.China doll parts were also sold for the customer to fashion a body and clothing.


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