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at the Armed Forces Career Center in a strip mall located on Lee Highway. Five people, excluding the gunman, died in the shootings. The father was questioned while on a trip abroad but was eventually removed from the watchlist.The Center recruited personnel for branches of the United States military, including the U. He was ultimately not charged with any crime, and the information revealed no information on Abdulazeez himself.On December 16, following an investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James B. There, Abdulazeez fired 30 to 45 shots Abdulazeez first fired at it, then charged inside and continued firing, fatally wounding a U. Three to five minutes after the second shooting began, Investigators discovered a 9mm Glock handgun that may have been privately owned by one of the slain Marines and are determining if it was used against Abdulazeez during the shootings. According to a spokesperson for First Energy, which runs the station, Abdulazeez only worked and received general training at an administrative office building, and did not have access to sensitive information.Comey said that the shootings were "motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda." The shootings began shortly after a.m. It was also determined that the reserve center's commanding officer used a personal firearm against Abdulazeez. According to The Washington Post, both of Abdulazeez's parents were self-described in their divorce proceedings "as natives of 'the State of Palestine'" and they "maintained a strict, conservative Muslim lifestyle." According to a law enforcement official, Abdulazeez's father had been placed on a terrorist watchlist and investigated many years ago before the shootings for giving money to an organization with possible terrorist connections.

The cultural and industrial reconstruction of the South, explored through a major figure in early black music As one of the first African American vocalists to be recorded, Bessie Smith is a prominent figure in American popular culture and African American history. Scott uses Smith's life as a lens to investigate broad issues in history, including industrialization, Southern rural to urban migration, black community development in the post-emancipation era, and black working-class gender conventions.

Beale Street in Memphis is known as the birth place of the blues.

The Comptroller of the Treasury offers real estate assessment data to find the value of property in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Public Records Act was adopted in 1957.

The law allows for all state, county and city records to be open to the public for inspection.


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