Often intimidating

A friend of mine is a prime example of an intimidating person.She’s pretty, intelligent, confident, has a great education and a high-income job in finance.Do you feel stressed out when you see your supervisor’s caller id on your phone?Does the person you report to have a temper and often shuts down collaboration during meetings with the force of their personality? Are you happy when your supervisor is not in the office?She is now the only person to complete the eleven-day Iron Butt Rally as a pillion (twice) and as a solo rider (once).She is the author of four books; her most recent release is ‘The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling’.Find out what she’s learned along the way, and what mistakes she’s made as well.

Brian Dodd is the author and content coordinator for Brian Dodd On Leadership.

Being intimidating doesn’t help her social life, quite the contrary.

She’s told me how people before they get to know her, believe that she’s superficial because she seems so “perfect” (when in reality she’s one of the least superficial people I know).

– Alexis I got lots of questions about that from both men and women.

Some examples that came up was talking to your boss or manager, talk to tall people, good looking people, mean/unpleasant people, and those you’re attracted to.


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