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Between 19 the city was known as Osipenko, so named after Hero of the Soviet Union Polina Osipenko.

This name has now been given to the nearby village Osypenko where Polina Osipenko was born.

Everything else will be updated as and when I have time but are perfectly usable as is.

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) is a port city in the Zaporizhia Oblast (province) of south-east Ukraine.

The city is named after the river Berda forming Berdyanskaya spit at the foot of which it is located.

The present name was given to the city in 1841 by special decree of Nicholas I and named after the nearby river Berdy.

Some of the later ones list any assembly issues I came across as well as having a lot more information in them.

I'll be gradually updating the older ones as I have time.


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