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Backseat by: Sarah - I'm Sarah, and I can't wait until I'm 16 so I can get my license and a car! My boyfriend, Joel, got a ride from Victor, and Aris jumped in calling "shotgun".

Most of my class had been hanging at the mall, now closed, s....

The story tells how Peter and the Darling Family meet. Romy, Her Mom and Me by: First gene - Today they call me Mr.Mom was in the hospital again and Dad was working extra shifts as usual....Caught in the Act by: Likesemyoung - 11 year old Suzy was kneeling on the seat of the bar stool next to the counter with her legs slightly spread and her little ass stuck up in the air.Our parents had finally bought a house right by the beach, a place where we would be spending all our h....Misty - Seducing Daddy by: Kallie Kat - Twelve year old Misty lived alone with her father in their 3 bedroom house, her mother had left when she was only three years old, and although her father dated occasionally he never remarried.They struck it off right away and had been dating steady ever since. Diana was at Ron's apartment that day in April when the phone rang. Those neighbors consisted of a mom and dad with four daughters. It's nothing too big, I was up late venting, and I was late to school, so I get to spend an extra hour bored.


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