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As for Lambert, she has been sharing selfies with Crowder on Instagram for a number of years, including a special birthday shout-out on July 6. You are the best baby daddy anyone could ever ask for.

I’m so proud of the man you have become,” Lambert gushed.

It seems that there are plenty of people (53 per cent of online daters according to e Harmony) who are not that truthful when it comes to their personal profiles.

The most common fibs are found in the realm of height, weight, age and jobs.

The funny show follows the exploits of sexual health nurse Paula (Paula Burrows) as she tries to find Mr. Like the time the guy who did his homework (sort of) and showed up to a first date with seemingly thoughtful gifts for Nord-Stewart.“One of the gifts was a CD of an artist I liked but he hadn’t checked the CD case, he bought it from a yard sale or something, and there may not have been a CD even in the case.

I think it was an empty CD case,” said Nord-Stewart.

“I will miss waiting for you to come in town to scream and act crazy with me at the games,” Lambert shared in a social media tribute.

“There won’t be a day that passes by that I won’t think about you.

At the centre of The Dangers of Online Dating is Paula (Paula Burrows) a nurse in the sexual health field.

“At first I couldn’t tell the twins apart,” Rose said.

“They could’ve traded places on a date and fooled me.

Nord-Stewart says yes as often she found herself on three first dates a week.

But you know there’s that old quality versus quantity thing.


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