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You have two types of ladies working here, the ladies wearing white tags cannot leave the bar as the are solely to work in the bar, I found these ladies friendly, as a matter of fact I have made two really good friends from this type of lady from the Atlantic Bar.Then you have the ladies with the blue tags, you can barfine these women.If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at [email protected] Latest Reviews Whereas in gogos overdressed girls are becoming the norm, on Soi 6 they seem not to be afraid of some nudity.In 3 Angel Bar on Soi 6 I saw a topless girl (or perhaps a ladyboy) playing pool, visible from the street.

After several weeks of renovations, 3 Angels has reopened on the site of the now defunct DMT's on Soi 6.I generally give the lady boys a wide birth and don't really fancy pushing past them to a rather unknown upstairs bar.Now, I haven’t been to The Atlantic Bar for a couple or three years, since it’s supposed heyday, but I keep in touch with what’s happening on various Forums, including Thai-Anxiety, and consensus has been that the Atlantic is in decline, and that the few remaining lookers there believe they have ‘pussies spun of the finest and purest gold thread’ and hardly give a punter the time of day.The now open upstairs bar at Pook is said to feature girls.It seems a strange idea as the downstairs bar is solidly lady boy.from the outside, you wouldn't really notice anything different. Inside the main bar, it still looks pretty much the same. New sofas and wall treatments and the addition of a big bike on display (presumably the angels in the name are more to do with motorbikes than celestial singing)DMT's, like most Soi 6 bars, had shit rooms, shit beds, shit showers and shit lighting. The new Dutch owner spent the money where it counts: In the bedroom.


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